Ready To Unload The Clips…

From their debut conceptual compilation trilogy series, TYZNCHECKS & vISION II
presents their first instrumental compilation, entitled:


The 8 track record is packed with back to back explicit bangers, eerie melodic tones, dark
hypnotic leads and assaulting 808 sub basses.The compilation is driven to high velocity and is
far from sweet. The trilogy mixtape will showcase 3 of the duo’s different sonic styles and give
the audience an opportunity to get an understanding of their ideologies and musical capabilities.
The next compilation, entitled “KILLING THEM SOFTLY”, will display a much softer, harmonic
and melodic approach. The final piece in the trilogy will be entitled “DIEGO & GEORGE”, a mix
of triumphant melodies, mesmerizing leads and powerful, rich, epic sounds. The audience is in it
for a treat with this project…

“We are creating our own lane, our own brand and style, and we’re distinguishing ourselves
from the pack; we’re making a statement in the industry. That’s the most important thing for us.
We thought that releasing a conceptual compilation trilogy series was a rad way to show the
public our creativity, not only in musical content but also in art direction. We’ve decided to
release with “KILL EM ALL” to make an impact. The title speaks for itself; it’s a hard and
convincing mixtape, heavy metal for rap music.

It’s finally our time to shine, to claim our territory. We’ve put countless hours, years and
dedication into our work; we’ve persevered through the trials and tribulations, hoping and
depending on the right circumstances and events, but them never really materializing. This just
pushed us to work harder. It showed us that sometimes you gotta kick the door down to get
what you want. And that’s what we’re going to keep on doing.”








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