TY’s passion for music began when he was a small child, as he watched and listened for hours
to his grandfather play the piano. Without being able to read or write music, TY’s grandfather
could create and memorize complex classical melodies, a precious memory that continues to be
a source of inspiration to TY and the way he creates music to this day.

Growing up, TY was always involved in some sort of musical activity. A quiet child who found it
hard to fit in, music became an escape to another world where he could find solace and let his
imagination run wild.

At the age of 13, TY got his first musical instrument, an electric guitar bought for him by his
father. He practised every day after school, teaching himself to play his favourite songs at the
time. However, it was the drums that really captured TY’s heart. Inspired by his favourite
drummer ‘Travis Barker’, at school he would drive his teachers to distraction by tapping drum
sequences on his desk that he couldn’t get out of his head. Then finally, one day, his music
teacher placed a pair of drumsticks into his hands and invited him to play the school set. His
prayers were answered, and he played the school drums from then on.

Drumming came naturally to TY and became a part of him; his mind was in sync with the drum
set, the beat ran through his veins and his hands and feet knew exactly what to do. It felt right
and he fell in love with anything that had to do with percussion.

TY soon became the school band’s drummer and, through this and the formation of other
bands, he learned how to relate to people and create lifetime friendships in playing music with
others. He pushed himself hard, practising any chance he could, and he excelled. After
performing as the closing act in his final year school talent show, watching the crowd give him a
standing ovation, with the cheers ringing in his ears, TY knew that music was the path he would
choose as a lifetime career.

In 2006, TY got his first keyboard (the Roland Fantom X8)and his eyes were opened to a
whole new world of creativity in which he had the power to become a one man band; he had
absolute control over his musical creations. Finally, he was able to express himself through the
melodies he had playing in his head.

Over the next couple of years, TY’s strength as a producer grew exponentially until, in 2009, he
met CASHNCHECKS, the brother he never had. After putting their ideas together and
collaborating to create hit records, it was clear they were going to succeed. Sharing the same
core values, love for music and, most important of all, loyalty to one another, TYZNCHECKS is
all about family; vISION II is #1.



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