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is a producer duo consisting of TY HIMALAYAS & CASHNCHECKS.
Their collaboration started back in 2009, but prior to that they had both begun careers in
music production independent of one another. Socialising in the same circle of friends,
in the beginning there was an element of competition between the two
young music producers.

When CHECKS took some time off from producing to manage a friend’s musical
project, which was gathering real momentum, TY, on the other hand, was producing a
lot, learning the ins and outs of sequencing on his Roland Fantom X8
and furthering his creative talents.

Things then got difficult for CHECKS when his friend decided to take the success they’d
built together to new management. Looking back now, this was the best thing that could
have happened. Fuelled by a renewed passion for producing and exploring new
horizons, he invested in his craft and studied how to write scripts, storyboard & edit.
Meanwhile, TY ran into problems with the same group of people, and so TY and
CHECKS became a team, a super production duo, rising above their setbacks to find
strength in their shared passion for music production.

They have been producing every day since for 6 years and, together, have learned the
importance of loyalty and hard work. They’re now ready to take the industry by storm,
and regardless of any success or fame that comes, their ultimate reward is the
brotherhood and respect they have for each other.



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