Studio company vISION II offers more to artists than music production. vISION II
“It’s a lifestyle, a vision, a love for the art and a lust for life; it’s finding the
perfect equilibrium and, most importantly, it’s all about
loyalty and respect.

Through life’s trials and tribulations, highs, lows, deceptions and betrayals, we have managed to
persevere; we’re headstrong and we’ve pulled ourselves out of all of the negativity that
surrounded us for a long time, kept a positive outlook, continued to pursue our dreams and
made sure that nothing would come between us and our ultimate goal.”

Having built a strong 2man
operating team over the years, vISION II is proud to introduce some
new critical elements to the unit:

In house Graphics Designer, Daniel Tremblay, is the perfect match for vISION II’s style of work
and art direction. Responsible for the execution of all designs, he adds depth and value to vII’s ideas and
comes up with amazing concepts to boot.

Alongside its branding tools, including graphic design, illustration, conceptual video production,
photography and website development, vII also has within its team professional Copywriter,
Blogger and Editor JOJO, who has as much vII style swagger as she does an eye for detail.
She’s in charge of communicating to the public all vISION II studios’ and its
artists’ profiles, news and views. vII has also been fortunate enough to have made strong connections
with some of Toronto’s finest in fashion, make up and hair styling.Artists that choose vISION II studios
have access to a superior quality complete package.

Contact us and let’s discuss what your visions and dreams are so we
can work together to make them materialize.


(We inspire dreams that guide you).

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